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I offer individual therapy to adolescents and adults facing a multitude of concerns: anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, gender and sexual identity. My initial goal when working together is to create an environment that is calm and open so that we may explore the nature of the issues as they relate to your thoughts, behaviors, feeling and attitudes. We will then create goals that are specific to you. 

Teens & Adolescents

Teens and adolescents are often experiencing the same complex feelings and thoughts that adults do, but do not have the same agency and can feel caught between childhood and adulthood. I really appreciate working with this age range, and take time to understand the individual as they are and how they express themselves. I am not here to give them my opinion or advice, but to explore aspects of themselves, develop effective problem-solving skills, and help them explore healthy life choices.

Couples/ Relationship

Couples/Relationship therapy can be utilized at any stage of partnership. I provide support and insight so that you may have the opportunity to explore feelings and uncover ways of thinking that may be hindering your relationship. We will collaborate together to learn tools to better manage conflicts, identify repeating patterns, explore attachment styles, and develop more effective communication skills. Some of the concerns that I see most commonly include intimacy, trust-building, communication skills, parenting, sexual conflicts, feelings of anger and betrayal, boundaries, and exploring polyamory. 

Premarital Therapy

Premarital therapy is under the umbrella of couples/relationship therapy, however the focus is on discussing sensitive topics and expectations that can be sometimes overlooked. The goal will be similar to couples/relationship therapy as the intention is to build a strong foundation and learn how to openly navigate difficult conversations without disrupting your connection, making the transition into marriage smooth. 

LGBTQ+ Services

I work to provide supportive and compassionate care to the LGBTQ+ community. We can work collaboratively to accomplish your goals, whether they are exploring your sense of self, working through sexuality acceptance concerns, addressing discrimination-related stressors, exploring sexual orientation and gender identity, or requesting counseling for SRS. 


Trauma recovery is possible, whether you have experienced a specific incident or chronic trauma, I have specialized training in trauma recovery and offer care for individuals across the lifespan. You are not alone in your journey. Healing may not always be linear, but there is help available. 

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